What is a Woman Maternally (Part 5)

One of the subtle assaults on womanhood is the attempt to separate motherhood from womanhood. With the progression of the sexual revolution to the homosexual revolution, which has now become the transsexual revolution, there is an attack on what they call the traditional role of a woman. The current debate on abortion is also part […]


What is a Woman Sexually (Part 4)

We live in a culture that worships at the altar of sex. The problem is not sex in and of itself, though. It is the over-sexualization of all humans. It is asking sex to do what God never intended it to do. Sex is a good gift from our good God, but not everything in […]


What is a Woman Spiritually (Part 3)

In our last blog post, we examined what a woman is physically and how her differences from her male counterpart reveal the glory of God. But today, in our defense of biblical womanhood, we will look at a vital way in which men and women are the same. So, what is a woman spiritually? A […]


What is a Woman Physically (Part 2)

What is a woman? Everyone seems to be asking this question, but who we look to for the answer matters greatly. We could look to the media, the world around us, or even the influencers of the day. But since God created women, He is the one who gets to have the final say on […]


What is a Woman (Part 1): Introduction

As a child growing up in the eighties, I knew what every cereal-loving child of the eighties knew—if I wanted impressive biceps and athletic legs, I needed to eat my Wheaties. One of the images on the Wheaties box I distinctly remember from sitting at the breakfast table was the incredible gold-winning decathlete, Bruce Jenner. […]


Why Have a Church with Multiple Campuses?

A few years ago, I announced to my church that I wanted us to start a multi-campus strategy and that I would be asking many of them to pray about leaving our Central campus to be on mission. Now, here we are, just days away from launching our third campus, Church at The Mill Lake […]


The Perfect Picture of Love

How would you define love? I probably do not have to tell you that the Bible’s definition of love is quite different from the world’s definition. The world tries to reduce love to nothing more than sentimentality or sensuality. But the love of God we find in Scripture is so much deeper than an emotion […]



We have all enjoyed watching children explore beautifully wrapped boxes under a Christmas tree. They look, touch, pick up, and even shake the packages, asking the same questions over and over: “Which one is mine?” and “What do you think it is?” I want Christ-followers to have this much enthusiasm when it comes to identifying […]



We know that act of showing up at church on Sunday morning matters, but does how we show up matter? There are actually respectful ways men and women can submit to the leadership of the Lord each week at church, and I sincerely believe that living by a code of conduct creates stronger and healthier […]

Do You Not Know 9


As the designer and giver of our sexuality, God is the final authority over this powerful part of our lives. His Word makes His will clear for His followers and the church regarding our sexual ethics. Sex is a gift, but it is a gift to be enjoyed between one man and one woman within […]

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