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Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?



4 Killers of Intimacy

4 Killers of Intimacy in Your Marriage Sex is a good thing. In fact, it is a great thing.  God created it as a beautiful gift for covenant marriage. Like every other aspect of life, sin’s presence has created a world where sex is twisted, gutted of its meaning, damaging, and often dirty. But this …

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What a Wife’s Submission is NOT

I understand boys and men. I have one sibling (a brother) and just about all my cousins are boys. My father was a coach, and, even though I was not a gifted athlete, playing sports with other boys was pretty much how I spent my childhood. I also fell in love with the outdoors; so, …

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Spiritual Leadership is not Mysterious


Parenting Must Be Driven By The Gospel

What do you do when you and your spouse have different parenting skills?



View on Second Marriages


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5 Reasons Why Christian Marriages are Struggling

Marital struggles, infidelity and divorce are not new. The Bible is full of examples of failed marriages. But it does seem that the number of Christian marriages struggling to survive is growing at an exponential rate. If having a Christ-honoring marriage matters to you, knowing why so many are struggling is important. Here are five …

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Preparing For The Holidays

Preparing for the Holidays



Invest In Your Marriage



Social Grace

Let’s face it, pretty much all of us are on some form of social media. We do tend to gravitate toward a particular flavor depending on our personality. To list just a few options, consider this.  The creative love to share ideas on Pinterest. The quick pro quo tweet on twitter.  Middle school would not …

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